Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Geeksmas Tree!

My Geeksmas Tree 2010, which looks a lot like my Geeksmas Tree '09 (except without me in a Santa hat and boxer shorts laying underneath it... if you were around for Joey's Xmas photo last year, you know. I'll spare you newbies).

Anyway, the theme of the tree of course is Star Wars, since that's what the majority of the ornaments I own are. The village on the floor is The Simpsons by Hawthorne Village. Real quick story for those who don't know, but Hawthorne Village is a company who do all kinds of "holiday" villages, Simpsons, Yankees, name it. Basically, you sign up subscription-like and every month they send you a new house. It was like 60 or 70 bucks per house, or something like that.

Now, if you're considering ordering ANYTHING from these Hawthorne Village people, don't. First of all, in the advertisement for the village, they showed TONS of characters, and the first couple of houses even came with a few figurines. Then they inform you that the sets of characters are a whole seperate subscription. Second, once you order one village, these Hawthorne assholes will innundate you with offers for other villages. How much fucking surface area do they think people have? Anyway, on to the Christmas fun!

 Star Wars, with a smattering of Simpsons, and Marvel Comics. The true spirit of Christmas.

The star on top is the Death Star

I find Princess Leia's metal bikini to be particularly festive

Naturally, all the Prequel ornaments go toward the back of the tree

Yes, even Jar-Jar

I'm just gonna throw the village pics up without any further comment, because well, I'm lazy. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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