Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun With Facebook Scammers 2

Just a quickie this time as this jerk wasn't as easy to lure in as the last asshole was. Oh well. My response still makes me giggle.

22 hours ago
The company I work for is expanding its Social Media Division. Are you interested in making more money?

13 hours ago
Joey Armao

I heard the company you work for is also expanding the asshole diameter of its employees, using the services of a particularly girthy Jamaican gentleman. I can see from your profile picture that I heard correctly.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Five Things 4/15/12

Aaaand its time once again for another "Five Things". That's five of the weird, absurd and sometimes just downright ignorant or mean thoughts and observations that pop into my head. Enjoy!

1) Ok, so you know how the middle lane is the Fire Lane when you're driving? Well am I the only one that reads the actual words on the street as "Lane Fire"? I mean yeah I get it, its written so that you read each word as it comes at you, but at least on this part of the planet,  when we read, we go top to bottom, left to right. Anyone else do this or is this just another one of those "no Joe, its just you" things?

Lane Fire is the only way I can see this

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering Independence Day

Well kids, April 10th is upon us again, and you all know what that means. Well, you do IF you’ve been paying attention to my life for the last fourteen years, which I assume you have been because its not like any of you have anything better to do.

But if you’ve been under a rock, I’ll fill you in. April 10th is what I like to call my Independence Day - the day I cast off the surly bonds of a really, really unhappy and dysfunctional relationship and propelled myself into a life of pure, unadulterated, unbridled freedom and fun. Just like the Croats and none other than Sir Paul McCartney, April 10th is the day your boy Joey set himself free (that's right, April 10th is not only Croatian Independence Day, but also the day Paul formally announced he was leaving the Beatles).

Actual Independence Day 2006 Party Flyer

Now for me, this used to literally be cause for celebration. I would have a party every year commemorating the day I finally took control of my life and decided to stop acting like a henpecked, whipped little boy, and start being a man (well, more of a man, at least). And, while I’ve finally grown up enough that I no longer want to be single forever, and I finally see the value and the rewards of settling down and having a family, I also still look back at this time, and those parties with fondness, because man did we have some good times. After the jump is the invite from my 2007 Independence Day Party, complete with the story behind it… which I have once again edited, revised and updated for your 2014 reading pleasure, because while I may have (pretty much) grown out of my "single-forever-player-til-I-die" attitude, my sense of self-indulgence is quite alive and well. NOW GO READ ABOUT ME!