Monday, October 13, 2014


Here are some of my contributions to Inktober 2014 so far. More to come!

  This first one is of Frog Thor. Yes, for those that don't know, Thor was a frog once. I'm not gonna explain it, but it was awesome. This was all ball point pen and highlighter.


This dragon is a variation of the same dragon I've been drawing for 20 years or so now. This one came really good though.

This Galactus is sharpie and ballpoint pen. I'm happy with this, because I usually suck with sharpies.

This is an original creation of mine, the Dunce Monster. He's stupid.
More to come (especially since Inktober is 13 days old and I've done 4 drawings! Gotta pick it up on the back end!)


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  1. I have that edition, Thor - Frog of Thunder xD