Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Am I The Only Nerd Who Gets Annoyed...

... When something mainstream wants to make a "Princess Leia in slave bikini" reference, but they put her in the bun hairdo from Star Wars because they're scared the audience won't get the reference?
Leia didn't wear her hair this way in Return of the Jedi. But the producers of Friends weren't confident enough in their joke to just properly braid Rachel's hair and be done with it. That's why they're assholes. They're not the only ones though.
The assholes behind this Verizon commercial have people dressed as Jabba, Chewbacca, an X-Wing pilot WITH an X-Wing, and the fucking half-constructed Second Death Star, but they couldn't be bothered to get Leia's hair correct?
Like I said. Assholes.