Sunday, January 4, 2009

PERPETUAL DISSATISFACTION: Volume 2; Number 1: Re-introduction

Alright kids, here we are. New year, new blog location, and the same old rants about everything I think is wrong with this stupid world of ours.

I wanted to take a quick minute and just remind you all what I do. Mostly, I complain. In fact I find that I complain a lot. And even though I say that my complaints are all geared toward making this planet a much more tolerable place to live there are still some who would label me a malcontent, an agitator or a misanthrope. Those not speaking like they lived at the turn of the 18th Century would say I'm complainer, and those who wanted to be insulting jerks would say I'm a sniveling bellyacher who is constantly griping and grousing. If your one of those, don't worry, you'll get yours.

Anyway, if you're a fan of the old blog from MySpace, you already know that in between entertaining you all with stories of my own life, I'm educating you all on how much better the world would be if everyone just listened to me, and trying to do so in as humorous a way as possible. The problem is that no one does, and as a result I am, you guessed it, perpetually dissatisfied. But, the cause of my inevitable mental breakdown is your gain my loyal readers, because I must say that I am one amusing motherfucker. So kick back, enjoy my ranting and leave some comments if you're so inclined (actually leave me comments whether or not you are... my ego needs feeding, dammit). Just click the link that says "follow this blog" and you'll be alerted every time I post. Click it now, or I'll harm your children.

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